Use discount code HANUKKAH8 for 20% off 8 or more cards!
Use discount code HANUKKAH8 for 20% off 8 or more cards!
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Our Story

Kosher Cards was created because we really truly needed it; which we believe means, you need it to. We wanted an authentic, affordable and adorable way to celebrate an awesome holiday and way of life.

The idea started when we tried to buy Hanukkah sweaters. This is not a simple task as they are not an easy item to come by. Finally, when we did stumble upon one, it had a menorah and just said “mazel tov”; which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. That was at least 3 years ago and since then I have yet to see another Hanukkah sweater.

The idea came up again when someone tried to buy us a Hanukkah card… it came to $30 after shipping from the US. Again, a card spotted at some over priced hipster store, $12 for a piece of folded paper with a menorah.

Over and over, we could not find an authentic, affordable or adorable way to celebrate. But it is 2017, this year we are taking a stand and doing it our way! No longer will we settle. This year we want cute and Canadian, we want jolly meets Jewish, we want rad and relatable. This year we want Kosher Cards. And we hope you do to.